Brandi Smyth
Anonymous asked:

You're getting married??? If so congratulations!

I am, and thank you lil friend! I’m pretty excited!

Anonymous asked:

i hope this isn't a silly question but i love your woody and bo peep photos from disneyland, i was wondering who you go to take them? was it just a stranger or a staff member or a friend?

They were taken by one of the cast photographers on Main Street USA with my phone! They’re super nice about snapping pics if you ask :)

Anonymous asked:

Hello! Firstly I love love love your blog. I hope this hasn't been asked before, but could you recommend any other blogs similar to yours? I hope that's not a strange request. Much love, xxx

Thank you so much doll! You can check out my favorites page here


virgen valley by Youronas on Flickr.